Where will Ronaldo play next season? Madrid, PSG or Juventus?

Where will Ronaldo play next season? Madrid, PSG or Juventus?


Where will Ronaldo play next season? Madrid, PSG or Juventus?

The summer transfer window has come to an end and the players of the Old Signora are already talking about the next season. The club has a number of interesting transfers, which will be very important for the team.
The main transfer of the summer was the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has become one of the main stars of the team and is already playing for Real Madrid.
In the summer, the Portuguese was also able to leave Juventus, which is a good sign for the future of the club. The team is now very focused on the Champions League, where it will fight for the title.

The transfer of Ronaldo will definitely affect the results of the Madrid team, as well as the performance of the Champions league. The players of Real Madrid are already trying to find a solution for the problem, but the situation is complicated by the fact that the club has many other problems.
Will Ronaldo stay in Madrid?
The club is currently in the middle of a crisis, and the situation in the team is getting worse by the day. The main problem of the current season is the lack of motivation of the players. The fans are tired of the lackadaisical performance of Ronaldo, who is not able to play in the Champions cup.
It is obvious that the Portuguese will not be able to solve the problem alone. The Madrid team needs to find the right partner for the star player, who will be able not only to give the team a boost, but also to make the team more interesting for the fans.
Who will replace Ronaldo in Madrid and what will become of the position of the Portuguese in the lineup?
In addition to the transfer of Cristian, the club also signed the young player from Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos. Ramos is a player who is able to replace Ronaldo, as the Portuguese is the leader of the lineup.
However, the team needs a new leader, who can solve the problems of the squad. The player of Real will have to do his best, as he is the main player of the Spanish team. The coach of the Real Madrid team is the same person who has led the club for the last 5 years.
If Ramos succeeds, then the position in the line of the leaders of the line-up will be taken by the Portuguese. It is obvious, that this player will not replace Ronaldo and will not become the main star of the game.
What will happen with Ronaldo?
It will be extremely difficult to replace the star of Real, who has become the leader in the club and has become a symbol of the success of the player of Madrid. However, the player will be the main leader of a team, which has a lot of problems. The current situation of the Royal club is very complicated, but it is clear that the team will not lose any points in the current tournament.
Real Madrid will not make it to the Champions Cup. The Royal club has several problems, which are not the main ones. The most important problem is the fact, that the coach is the person who led the team for the past 5 years, and who is the most experienced in the field.
Another problem of Real is the failure of the transfer policy, which was very successful during the previous season. Many players left the club, but none of them is able for the current situation.
Despite the problems, the Royal team is still the main contender for the champion title, but they have to find their game and show a more confident performance.
Where will the team play next year?
This season, the main goal of the coach of Real was to win the Champions title. However the team has a very difficult task, because it is not only the Royal Madrid that is trying to win gold medals. The situation in La Liga is very serious, and many teams are trying to get into the Champions zone.
At the beginning of the season, many teams were in the top 4, but now it is very difficult to get to the playoffs. The first rounds were very difficult for the teams, but soon they will get into a rhythm and will be ready for the fight for gold medals in the long tournament distance.
Next season, there is a real fight for places in the Europa League zone. The teams are very serious about getting into the zone, and they are ready to fight for it.
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Main Results of the Season
The season has already ended, and it was a very successful one for the Royal football team. It managed to get in the playoffs, and now it will be interesting to see who will get to play for the gold medals and who will leave the club in the next year.
There was a real struggle for the places in Europe, and a lot will depend on the results in the first rounds. The Champions Cup is also very important, as it will decide the fate of the clubs in the zone. It will be a real test of the strength of the teams and the ability of the coaches to make quick changes in the game and to give their players time to rest.
This is the season of the Europa league, and this time it is even more difficult to reach the playoffs and to get a place in the elite.

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