The 6 funniest moments of Round of 16.

The 6 funniest moments of Round of 16.


The football season is in full swing and there are a lot of interesting matches ahead. It is easy to follow the livescores of all the matches on the sports statistics website.
This season, the main favorites of the tournament are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea.
These teams have been in the Champions League finals for several years, and they have already managed to win the trophy. Liverpool has a very good lineup and is ready to fight for the title. The team has a good understanding with its rivals and is able to use the game of its rivals to its advantage.

The Champions League is a real test of strength, and the struggle for the victory will be intense. The matches will be held in the following cities:
• Madrid;
• Barcelona;
• Lyon;
· Rome.
In the Champions Cup, the favorites are:
* Barcelona;
* Real Madrid;
* Juventus.
Each of these teams has a great lineup, which allows them to fight against the weaker teams.
It is easy for fans to follow all the livescore results on the website of sports statistics. The information is updated in real time, which makes it possible to follow even the most insignificant changes in the course of the game.
All livescore results of the matches of the Spanish championship
The season of the championship of Spain has already reached its end. The main favorites are Real Madrid and Barcelona. The teams have already met in the finals of the Champions’ Cup, and it was a real struggle for gold medals.
Real Madrid and its fans have a great season. The club has managed to reach the Champions’ League final, but it was not easy for them to do so. In the final, the team of Zinedine Zidane played with the team from Barcelona. It was a tense game, and Real Madrid was the winner with a score of 4:1.
However, the club was not able to win gold medals, because it lost to Barcelona in the Europa League final. The final score was 4:3. The following teams were the main contenders for the gold medals:
1. Real Madrid.
2. Barcelona.
3. Valencia.
4. Sevilla.
5. Atletico.
6. Villarreal.
7. Mallorca.
8. Granada.
9. Getafe.
10. Valencia.
These clubs have a good lineup, and each of them has a chance to win a trophy.
Livescore results of matches of La Liga
The first matches of this season of La liga were held in a number of cities. In many of them, the teams were fighting for the right to enter the Champions league. The first matches were very tense, and there were a lot confrontations.
At the beginning of the season, Barcelona was the favorite of the fight for gold. The Catalans were the leaders of La Liguilla, and many experts believed that they would be able to enter in the elite. However, they failed in the first matches.
Barcelona started the season very confidently, and its lineup is very good. The players of the club have a high level of technical skills, and this is reflected in their results.
Despite the fact that the team was the leader of the standings for a long time, it lost the first rounds. However in the second part of the campaign, the Catalans started to show a lot more promise.
They have a very balanced lineup, where each player has a specific role. This allows the team to play at a high tempo and score a lot.
La Liga table of the results
The table of La league results shows that the Catalons are the leaders. They have a strong lineup, as well as a good coach. Lionel Messi is the main star of the team, and his performance is quite good.
Many experts believe that the club will enter the elite of the European football. However the first games of the new season have shown that the season is far from over. The leaders of the Catalonians have a lot to do, and a lot still needs to be done.
Follow the livescan results of LaLiga on the site of sports analytics. The results are updated in live mode, which means that you will not miss anything important from the game day.
Main favorites of EPL fixtures
The EPL fixture list is quite long, and in many matches, the clubs are fighting for a place in the top-4. The EPL is a competition of the best teams in the world, and any club can enter the top division if it has the necessary financial means.
Manchester City is the leading club of the Premier League, and now it is clear that the Citizens are the main favorite of all EPL matches. The squad of Josep Guardiola has a high-quality lineup, in which each player is able play a key role.
City has a strong coach, too. Guardiola has managed not only to win, but also to improve the results of his team. The Citizens are one of the main candidates for the champion title, and their main task is to win at the first attempt.

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