Ronaldo’s tax trial set for next week.

Ronaldo’s tax trial set for next week.


The Portuguese star is the main target of the tax authorities. He is the most expensive player in the world and his transfer to Real Madrid is a huge loss for the club.
In the summer, the club paid a record transfer fee for the player. The cost of the player is around £80 million. The player will be able to play in the first team, but he will not be able play in matches with the team.
This is not the first time that the player will have to pay tax. The Portuguese star was already in the spotlight for his transfer. In the past, the tax officials have tried to get the player to pay a tax, but the club refused.
Now, it is set to be a new stage in the transfer of the star player. It is clear that the club will try to get him to play for the team in the Champions League. The club will also try to sell the player, but it is not known how much the club is willing to pay for him.
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The club has already managed to sell Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus for a record sum of £80m. The transfer of Ronaldo was successful, but there is still a chance that the Portuguese star will be sold to a different club. The new club will be determined by the performance of the team, so the club can look for a new star to replace the Portuguese player.
However, the fans of the club are not going to wait for long. They have already started to follow the results of the matches of the Portuguese team. The team is in a good shape, but they still have a long way to go.

The team needs to play with other teams in order to be able not to lose points. This is the reason why the club has started to play matches with other clubs. The fans have already seen the results, and they are very positive.
It is clear now that the team will not lose points in matches against weaker teams. The main goal of the players of the Lisbon club is to win the Champions Cup. The players have already managed this goal, and it is clear how important it is for them.
Real Madrid will have a tough time in the season, because the team has a long bench. The coach of the Madrid team is the same one who led the team to the Champions trophy. The first matches of his team will be very difficult, because they will have no time to rest.
Will Ronaldo be able in the future to play at the same level as Lionel Messi?
The future of the main star of the Spanish club is very uncertain. The Ronaldo transfer was successful for the Madrid club, but this transfer was not the only one. The Madrid club has also bought the goalkeeper from Manchester City, as well as the defender from Barcelona.
These transfers are a sign that the Madrid players are trying to improve the level of the game of their main star. However, it has become clear that they will not get the desired result, because Ronaldo has already said that he wants to leave the club in the near future.
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The player has already stated that he will leave the team and will not want to play there any more. The situation with the player has become very difficult for the Spanish team, because there is a high demand for the star’s services.
Manchester United is also interested in the player and is ready to pay the price for the transfer. The price of the transfer is not high, but if the player leaves the club, the price will be much higher.
At the moment, the player’s situation is very difficult. He has already lost a lot of points, and he is not able to show his best game. The Spanish team has already tried to improve his position, but Ronaldo is not going anywhere.
He is still the main player of the Royal club, and the club needs him. The star has already left the club and wants to be sure that he leaves the team for good.
If the player does leave the Madrid, it will be a huge blow for the fans. The Royal club is not in a position to pay high prices for the players, so it will not have the money to pay Ronaldo a high price.
Fans can follow the livescore today of the Ronaldo transfer on the website of sports statistics. The information about the player’ s transfer is updated in real time.
Where is Ronaldo’s future?
It has become obvious that the Ronaldo’ transfer was unsuccessful. The reason for this is the fact that the transfer cost a lot, and now the player wants to go back to his home country. The problem is that the Royal team has no money to buy the player back.
There is a chance for the Portuguese to leave, but only if the club manages to buy him back. The current situation is quite difficult for Real Madrid, but at the moment it is still unclear what will happen with the star.
One thing is for sure, the Madrid will not give up on the player in this transfer window. The failure of the move to Juventus has already shown that the players are not ready to play without the star, and this transfer will not solve the problem.
Another option for the Royal is to buy a new goalkeeper.

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